Jalen Hurts Addresses A.J. Brown's Unhappiness After Win

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts spoke on A.J. Brown's apparent unhappiness following the team's Christmas Day win.
Oct 1, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) and
Oct 1, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) and / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Despite it being the holiday season and the team snapping a three-game losing streak in Week 16, there's still some clear unhappiness running throughout the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room right now.

One player who clearly wasn't thrilled after Monday's victory was wide receiver A.J. Brown, who declined to speak with the media because he had nothing nice to say.

Close friend and quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked about Brown's current mood on Wednesday as this squad looks to fix some of its problem.

Hurts told the media he's not entirely sure why Brown was upset after the win over the New York Giants. The QB did note the star wideout has a "standard," both for himself and the people in the locker room, so that may have played a part in his silence.

As fans know, Brown isn't the type to just let things slide if he can help it. He and Hurts were caught having an animated sideline discussion earlier this season that showed he's not afraid to speak up to anyone on the team.

It'd be no surprise if the leading wide receiver was annoyed with how Philadelphia executed in Week 16. What should've been an easy blowout turned into a legitimate upset threat when the Eagles allowed the lowly Giants to get back into the game.

Even if the talented WR isn't making public comments on the situation, hopefully he's working through his grievances with the players involved behind closed doors. After all, this team doesn't need any drama playing out in the headlines right now, so it's wise for Brown to keep his opinions to only those directly involved.

Hopefully Hurts, Brown and the coaches can start to build on the positive momentum they have going following the victory over New York. Everyone needs to be on the same page as this squad fights for the NFC's No. 1 seed down the stretch.

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