Nick Sirianni Admits He Messed Up on Sideline in Week 16

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni admitted he has some things to work on in terms of sideline etiquette after Week 16.
Dec 25, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni (L) and
Dec 25, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni (L) and / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Things around the Philadelphia Eagles are tense right now. The team entered Week 16 riding a three-game losing streak that highlighted their biggest flaws and embarrassed them against other top NFC contenders.

Christmas Day presented a chance to turn things around, and while the Eagles did pull out the victory, it was more difficult than expected. This contest led to some frustrations on the sideline, especially from head coach Nick Sirianni, who was even more animated with his players than usual.

Looking back on his behavior during Monday's holiday affair, Sirianni admitted he slipped up.

Sirianni told reporters he needs to "do better" in regards to his handling his emotions during games. He noted there were times versus the Giants where he was "too tense," which led to some notable exchanges on the sideline.

The one most are aware of happened late in the game, as cameras caught Sirianni yelling at linebacker Haason Reddick. The HC then got into it with Reddick's position coach, Jeremiah Washburn, before wide receiver DeVonta Smith stepped in.

Meanwhile, fellow WR A.J. Brown can be seen looking on with a look many have interpreted as disapproval.

Sirianni also went at rookie Jalen Carter during Monday's game for failing to hustle and being flagged for a penalty. While a legitimate learning lesson, surely Sirianni's bubbling tension played a bit of a role here as well.

Everyone likes a coach who shows they care and will do anything to win. But that emotion can be a negative when it's applied to the wrong circumstances. No one wants to see a head coach and assistant bickering in the final seconds of a win.

Players have surely noticed Sirianni's sideline behavior, and it's good he has too before he takes it over the line. He's already walking a tightrope as he tries to rally his team from a down stretch, so he can't afford to lose the locker room because he can't control himself.

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