4 Eagles on Thin Ice After Humiliating Loss to 49ers

At 10-2, the Philadelphia Eagles still control their own destiny but these 4 might be feeling some cracks on the thin ice under their feet
Philadelphia Eagles
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You can tell a team is used to winning when a second loss comes in Week 12 and people are up in arms. The Philadelphia Eagles lost ugly this weekend with the 49ers taking it 42-19. But they still control their destiny.

They can not only practically secure an NFC East title by beating Dallas next week but they have the inside track to the No. 1 seed as well. Even so, there are a few members of the team on thin ice after their performance in Week 13 and here, we identify four of those Eagles.

4. Nicholas Morrow, Linebacker

Before this game, the Eagles were looking to add Shaq Leonard who was recently released by the Indianapolis Colts. That already put a little pressure on Nicholas Morrow, one of their current starters at linebacker. That spotlight on him intensified when former Philly linebacker Seth Joyner took aim at Morrow on social media during the loss to the 49ers.

Joyner also fired off some shots at the secondary with Darius Slay quickly coming back at him on social media. The problem is that Joyner has a point.

Philadelphia's defense has been a problem and while Morrow doesn't deserve all of the blame, the middle linebacker often takes heat when a defense looks unorganized. As should the defensive coordinator, which is true in this case as well. Sean Desai had his worst game of the season and is also someone who could be under fire.

The Eagles will now prepare to face a red-hot Dallas Cowboys team in Week 14. They beat them earlier in the season despite a late comeback attempt but they need to figure out how to get this defense on the same page. That includes Morrow, who should take some of Joyner's criticism as motivation.