3 Players the Eagles Can’t Bring Back in 2024

These 3 Eagles have already proven they shouldn't be on the roster in 2024
Philadelphia Eagles
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With three losses in a row now, the Philadelphia Eagles are starting to feel the pressure. They had a chance to put some space between them and the Dallas Cowboys — who lost to the Bills on Sunday — but then suffered a defeat of their own at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

At 10-4, their season is far from over. They still not only have a shot at winning the NFC East but they can wind up with the No. 1 seed overall. One thing that's in their favor is the schedule which has them playing the struggling New York Giants twice with the Arizona Cardinals in between those games.

They have a chance to win all three but even if they do, the Eagles know there are some holes to fill. There are also a few players they can't bring back in 2024. Here, we look at three such members of the team.

3. Quez Watkins, Wide Receiver

A once-promising player, Quez Watkins had 647 yards in his second season with the Eagles which was in 2021. His yardage was down in 2022 but he still had 354 yards and three touchdowns that year. But in 2023, he's been a problem.

Watkins has missed time due to injuries but when he's been on the field, targeting him has led to issues. The latest example was on Monday Night Football when a pass thrown his way led to one of two picks for Jalen Hurts. Watkins was interfered with and the refs missed the call but he still gave up on the play — and didn't fight toward the ball.

Set for free agency in the offseason, the Eagles would be better served letting Watkins walk. They have two studs in A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith but need a more consistent WR3.