3 Eagles on Thin Ice After Monday Night Football Dud Against Seahawks

These 3 Eagles aren't looking too hit after a terrible showing against Seattle on Monday Night Football
Philadelphia Eagles
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Trying to end a two-game losing streak, the Philadelphia Eagles laid an egg on Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks. Philly was gifted first-place in the NFC East when the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bills but then they gave it right back with a last-minute loss on the road.

Philadelphia led for the entire game but then allowed Drew Lock to carve them up on his final drive. The result was a touchdown from Jaxon Smith-Njigba as they went up 20-17. Jalen Hurts threw his second pick of the night when desperately trying to respond and the Eagles have now lost three in a row.

At 10-4, they're in good shape overall. However, these three players might be feeling some cracks in the thin ice under them after the loss.

3. Quez Watkins, Wide Receiver

Quez Watkins might have sealed his fate on Monday. The once-promising receiver has been a problem for a while and finished with no receptions against Seattle. He did see the ball come his way once and while the Seahawks got away with a penalty, he also failed to fight for the ball. As Geoffrey Knox of Inside The Iggles points out, bad things seem to happen when Watkins is the target.

"Yes, he was interfered with. Yes, the officials blew a big call, but if you're Quez Watkins, you have to fight your way back to the ball and prevent that interception by Julian Love. For some reason Quez has never learned that. The worst thing about all of that is this. Now, that we think about it, we can't remember the last time the ball was thrown his way and something good happened."

Geoff Knox, Inside the Iggles

Julio Jones is still on the team and he had one catch for six yards. He's no longer the player he once was but he needs to be out there over Watkins every time.