3 Eagles Who Must Be Benched to Snap Losing Streak

The Philadelphia Eagles need to shake things up in order to end their current two-game losing streak
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Usually, a 10-3 record means things are going rather well for an NFL team but it doesn’t feel that way for the Philadelphia Eagles right now. That’s because they were just on top of the NFC with a record of 10-1 but have lost back-to-back games. Not only have they now lost two in a row but their losses were to the two teams chasing them in the standings.

First, it was a 42-19 defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, who are now the new No. 1 seed in the conference. That was followed by a 33-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys who took over the No. 2 seed and currently have the tiebreaker in the NFC East — which moved Philly to No. 5 currently.

The good news for the Eagles is that they can take the East back by winning out. To do this, they’re first going to have to figure out how to snap their losing streak. It won’t be easy but it could be aided by benching these three players — even if it's only for a short time to send a message.

3. Bradley Roby, CB

A veteran in the Philly secondary, Bradley Roby was once a hot name in the NFL. That hasn’t been the case this year at all. Roby has been a liability in the slot for the Eagles and was one of several defensive backs who struggled against Dallas.

The problem here would be finding a decent replacement. Roby might not be elite at this point in his career but he’s still likely better than Kelee Ringo. That’s the one thing that could keep him on the field but if they don’t figure something out, teams will continue to target him and they will continue to succeed.