Eagles Schedule: Predicting the Score of all 4 Remaining Games

Are the Philadelphia Eagles going to win their final four games?
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The Philadelphia Eagles are fresh off of a really disappointing loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14, but leading up to Week 15, this team doesn't have the luxury of sitting around and licking any wounds. They've got to find a way to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Even at 10-3, the Philadelphia Eagles have dropped out of first place in the NFC East after their latest loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Losing two straight games, the Eagles have shown a major weakness in their overall defensive output, but specifically against the pass. Blowout losses in consecutive games against the 49ers and Cowboys are not exactly condemnable given how well those teams have played, but for a contender like the Eagles?

You have come to expect better.

Let's take a look at the final four games this season for the Eagles, and whether or not they can potentially run the table and get back on top of the NFC/NFC East.

Week 15: Philadelphia Eagles @ Seattle Seahawks

Monday, December 18, 8:15 PM ET

In terms of the quality of the opponent left on the Eagles' regular season schedule, the Seattle Seahawks are the best. At least when you look at win/loss record. But the Seahawks are a reeling 6-7 right now and Drew Lock started their most recent game.

Typically, you would look at a matchup like this and think that the Seahawks might be able to pull off an upset at home, even against a team like Philadelphia, but there are a few reasons I'm not buying them in this instance. First of all, the Seahawks are reeling, as I previously stated. Second, they're using their backup quarterback.

Third, this game is on a Monday night, so the Seahawks don't have the same benefit of weird travel like some other cross-country trips. It's still a long trip, but the Eagles have an extra day to prepare.

Fourth, the Eagles are coming off of two straight losses. I don't think they're losing a third straight and I think they're going to make an example out of Seattle.

Prediction: Eagles win 34-16