Philadelphia Eagles: This offseason just isn’t cutting it

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The Philadelphia Eagles, like the rest of the NFL, are doing their best to give us something to talk about. But it just feels so empty.

Of course the NFL, the behemoth of the sports world, would be the only thing relatively unaffected by the current global situation. And hey, I’m as happy as anyone to be talking some Philadelphia Eagles offseason right now, because at least it gives us something to discuss/write about.

But, honestly, it’s just hollow.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is interesting stuff. I even offered my two cents on the decision to let Malcolm Jenkins walk earlier this week. And the crack staff here at Section 215 is providing excellent coverage and analysis. Fans, writers, and everyone in between is doing their absolute best right now.

But this is ultimately about the games. And we won’t have meaningful NFL games for almost six months (hopefully) and have no idea if and when we’ll get some playoff hockey and basketball, as well as the start of the MLB regular season. I’m not even that big of a college basketball fan, but I find myself lamenting the absence of my annual case of “March Madness”.

I don’t try to mix my personal life with this sort of thing, but right now I find myself worrying what my son will do while his daycare is closed and if I’m going to be employed tomorrow. Sports have literally never mattered less. And that hurts to think, let alone write for all of you to read.

Still, I soldier on and I’ll keep providing you with some Flyers reports cards from this (kind of) past season and plan on continuing with my season-long “tribute” to the wretched 2000 Phillies. There’s a shortage of things to discuss, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still hold your interest. Section 215 will keep giving you as much as we can, whether it just ends up being Eagles offseason maneuvering or if we get some actual games soon. God, I hope we get some.

These are circumstances that we’ve all never even dreamed of (or had nightmares about) being in before. And we’ll hopefully never have to deal with something like this again. But until the games start being played and we have, you know, SPORTS, every day will be less fun. Heck, every minute feels weird.

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And so, while I appreciate that we can talk Eagles, it occurs to me that it wasn’t that long ago that we were all beside ourselves after Carson Wentz got K.O.’ed in the playoffs. It’s just strange that they’re front and center again. The natural rhythm has been interrupted, and let’s cross our fingers that it’s just for a short while. I should be watching the Sixers and Flyers and getting hyped for the playoffs right now. I should be counting the days until the Phillies’ opener. Six. It should be six. Until then, let’s all hang and get as much as we can out of visions of Darius Slay sporting some Midnight Green many months from now.