Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz’s injury seals loss to Seahawks

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In a season where the Philadelphia Eagles weathered nearly every storm imaginable, losing Carson Wentz was the final, crippling blow to the team.

Nobody is going to accuse the Philadelphia Eagles of giving up this season. Time after time, they came back from the precipice to make a late-season run and win an unlikely division title. And through it all, Carson Wentz was the one constant who stood while others dropped like flies around them.

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As an Eagles fan, or really as any kind of football fan, it had to make your heart hurt on Sunday when this man who had overcome so much to get his first taste of NFL playoff action was knocked out of the game in the first quarter.

Teams can overcome a lot. This Eagles team surely has this season. But Wentz being knocked out by what sure seemed like an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit by Jadeveon Clowney was the proverbial final nail in the coffin. And regardless of whether or not the hit was within the rules (it wasn’t), the sting of losing the team’s leader was just to much for this club to deal with.

Full credit to Josh McCown for coming in and trying his best to rally the troops, but it just wasn’t happening. Wentz had been waiting his whole career for this moment. Eagles fans had been salivating over it for just as long so that they could finally see what their franchise quarterback could do. And it was all taken away from us in the blink of an eye.

You can only play the opponent on the field, and a win is a win. But for the Seattle Seahawks, that sure felt cheap. So laugh it up and chew all the gum you want, Pete Carroll. See how you do against a relatively healthy team in Green Bay next week.

I am aware that the Seahawks have injuries of their own, but they aren’t dealing with anything approaching the Eagles’ level, even before Wentz went down. This became a true mismatch once he did.

The bitterness we are all feeling now isn’t fun. And you can’t even call it necessarily preferable to other emotions such as anger that might often accompany a season-ending playoff loss.

We’ll never know if a healthy Wentz would have pulled this game out. You’d have to think that the chances were pretty good since the Eagles still managed to keep it to a one-score game even without him.

But well before the body blows of D.K. Metcalf‘s sensational touchdown and then his other leaping grab on third down which officially put the contest to bed, this game became the longest of longshots when Carson Wentz first went to the oft-visited Eagles’ injury tent and then to the locker room, never to return.

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To the Eagles’ ultimate credit, they never said never. But realistically, it was over the moment Wentz was injured. And you have to feel for the guy. He proved himself on a whole new level this year, only to have the opportunity taken away. There was no coming back from it at that point, as much as we might all have hoped there was still a chance.