Philadelphia Eagles: It’s time to fire offensive coordinator Mike Groh

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After strangling the life out of the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive escapades throughout the 2018 NFL season, it’s time to move on from OC Mike Groh.

Mike Groh has got to go.

While it’s never a particularly positive environment on Philadelphia Eagles‘ Twitter when the team loses, especially when they drop a must-win game to a divisional opponent, the atmosphere was particularly hostile following the Birds’ Week 14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The officials obviously received the brunt of the fandom‘s collective resentment, which is understandable when you consider the crew made two of the worst calls I’ve seen in a single game in my life, but the onus isn’t on them alone.

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No, feverish Philly fans are starving for sacrificial blood to help quell the pain in their stomachs from some genuinely horrible offensive play calling, and if they have their way, Mike Groh will serve as a fitting tribute.

Though it may seem a bit unnecessary to let Groh go with the playoffs now nothing but a distant glimmer in the distance, at this point, what’s the point in even keeping him around?

Sure, he technically doesn’t call plays, something the (very) few Groh apologists will eagerly point out when pressed, but after fielding one of the most balanced, formidable offensive assaults in the league last season, what the team has done this season is downright laughable.

Is he working without a full deck of cards at his disposal? Sure, as the Birds have been without Darren Sproles, Jay Ajayi, Carson Wentz, Mike Wallace, etc for long stretches of the season, but it’s not like the previous administration of Frank Reich, and John DeFilippo didn’t have injuries of their own to deal with last season, and they somehow found a way to win a freaking Super Bowl without a half-dozen crucial performers.

What’s Groh’s excuse?

Maybe the offense’s struggles can’t solely be placed on his shoulders, as Doug Pederson actually has to listen to Groh’s suggestions to make his presence felt, but after watching the team assert themselves into the annals of NFL history with one of the most creative trick plays in the league’s history known fondly and forever as the ‘Philly Special’, this season’s ‘Hybrid West Coast’ offense has been about as prolific as that of a Junior High School team.

Actually, that’s not fair; I’m sure there are plenty of Jr. High Schools that run creative offensive sets to optimize their playmakers and scheme open their receivers in space.

What’s your excuse, the Philadelphia Eagles?

By relieving Groh of his position now, not only would it open the door for Pederson and company to inject some new offensive continuity into the team’s weekly planning meetings, but it would also send a clear message to both the team’s players and the City of Brotherly Love that the Eagles aren’t just going to rest on their laurels and settle back into mediocrity; no, this team is going to do everything in their power to continue to fight for a Wild Card playoff spot, even if it’s a longshot at best.

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With Groh more than likely an offseason casualty as Pederson’s squad attempts to reload their staff and take another shot at representing the NFC East in the postseason next fall, why not make a statement and fire him now? A 3-and-out is a 3-and-out regardless of who’s helping to queue up the plays.