Philadelphia Eagles: Is it ever OK to root for the Dallas Cowboys?

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The NFC East is still anyone’s game after a Thanksgiving day Washington loss, but as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, is it ever OK to root for a Dallas win?

Thanksgiving was a very mixed bag for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

From watching LeGarrette Blount run rickshaw all over the Chicago Bears‘ defense in an ultimately losing effort, to Colt McCoy‘s first loss as Washington‘s replacement starting quarterback, the Birds are now two games out of first place in the division, with that number surely shrinking to one of they can take care of the New York Giants at the Linc on Sunday (here are three keys to an Eagles win).

But one question that came up in my household, and I’m sure a score of others, on this dull day of football, is worth considering: Is it ever OK to root for the Dallas Cowboys?

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I know what you are thinking “No!”, and believe me, I (initially) agree with you, but what if the team has an opportunity to deliver a severe blow to the Redskins’ chances of running away with the division? Is it ok to root for Dallas if it means the Eagles benefit?

Furthermore, if the Cowboys do continue to ride a mediocre rollercoaster around the .500 mark, it seems incredibly unlikely that Jerry Jones will move on from either Jason Garrett or Dak Prescott and take a step back to take two steps forward.

Would you rather Dallas be bad for a season or two and secure a Carson Wentz-esque talent, or continue along with their current All-American brand of mediocrity?

At this point, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has practically made hating on the Cowboys a second career, and by his own admission, nothing would make him happier than a Dallas collapse in the Super Bowl a la the Atlanta Falcons in 2016 (please watch his entire theory here). Even though he’s a Pittsburg Steelers fan, Smith still firmly bleeds green after spending years and years writing in, and for our fair city.

But even if the Cowboys can occasionally help the Eagles along with their mission of securing a postseason berth, that doesn’t mean Philly fans need to actively root for the team, right?

Well, yes and no. Sure, being an Eagles fan inherently means disliking Dallas, that’s practically set in stone, but on days such as this, one has to ask themselves a simple question: Which means more to me, an Eagles win, or a Dallas loss?

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If all that matters is success for the Eagles, then, in my humble opinion, feel free to (silently) root for the Cowboys if it helps out the City of Brotherly Love. At this point, the Philadelphia Eagles could use all of the help they can get.