NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles fall flat in Week 11

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Ranking
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8. Chicago Bears

Nine games into the 2018 NFL season and the Chicago Bears have twice as many wins as they have losses with Mitch Trubisky under center.

So, are the Bears actually… good? Yeah, I guess they are.

While the team is venturing into fairly uncharted territories in this decade, as the Bears haven’t been a tough out since Brian Urlacher didn’t have hair, this team is built a lot like the Eagles last season, and look primed to make a splash in the postseason.

Factor in a very formidable defense headlined by trade target Khalil Mack and the Bears may be one of the most complete teams in the NFC, capable of winning games in a variety of different ways.

Can they bully a team like the Rams or Saints on the road, that’s still to be determined, but unlike other teams with lollipop schedules, we’ll actually get an opportunity to find out, as a CHI vs. LA showdown is set to take place on December 9th, in what will certainly be a much watch match for fans who love high scoring shootouts.

But until then, or proven otherwise, the Bears look legit, and fans in the Second City should get ready for a trip to the postseason once more.