Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to a Week 10 win over the Cowboys

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Force Dak to beat you

Monday night was arguably one of the worst nights of Prescott’s young career. Prescott and the entire Cowboys’ offense was stifled by the Titans defense. Is that a trend that the Eagles can make continue for Prescott on Sunday night?

Throughout his career, Prescott is at his best when he is supported by a strong running game and has time in the pocket. The Dallas offensive line is not the strength is used to be and that is something the Eagles defensive line has to take advantage of.

He does have a new playmaker in Amari Cooper and he may make some plays throughout the night, but if the Eagles can limit him then they should be in good shape. The same can be said about Ezekiel Elliott, who when he gets rolling, can take over a game.

Slowing down the Dallas running game will force the game onto Dak’s shoulders and that is exactly what the Eagles want. Prescott has faltered when there is too much pressure on him, just like in the Eagles 37-9 victory over the Cowboys last season.

Slowing down the run game will also allow the Eagles defensive line to pin their ears back and get after Dak. The matter of the fact is that Dak is not a quarterback that could carry a team, so if they force him to try and do that, then they will be in good shape.