Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to a Week 10 win over the Cowboys

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Play a complete game

One of the areas in which the Eagles have struggled in this season is playing a complete game from start to finish. The same thing could be said about their energy level throughout football games. That is something that needs to be up and last throughout the game.

On Sunday the stadium is going to be electric and the Eagles need to use that energy to their advantage. They need to come out fast and close out the Cowboys, playing a complete game of football.

Last season, the Eagles jumped on teams from the start and were able to put them away. If they wish to return to that Super Bowl level, they are going to need to get back to doing that. Hopefully, the bye week and the addition of Tate help them do that.

Sitting at 4-4, the Eagles are at a point in their season where if they want any chance of repeating, they need to turn it on now and go on a run. If they can go on a run like they did last season, then maybe another run into February is possible.

Pederson needs to get this team amped up to play on Sunday night and hopefully, a big win in this game can spark a run that this team needs. Coming out hot and finishing the Cowboys will be key to a win on Sunday night.