NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles make a statement vs JAX

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4. New Orleans Saints

Hot take time once more: The New Orleans Saints are the best offensive team in the entire league.

While this hot take isn’t exactly a blazing inferno, it’s far from a well-accepted fact due to another team who’s named starts with an R that you’ll certain read about a little further up the list.

Riding a six-game win streak following a surprise loss to the Bucs in Week 1, Drew Brees and company have been on an absolute roll over the last half month and a half, outscoring opponents by a combined score of 194-135.

If this team can ever find a way to pair their prolific offense with an even above average defense, we could be looking at the southern equivalent of those pesky Rams.

But for now, the Saints are an incredibly exciting team with a fatal flaw: an inability to stop an equally potent offensive force.

If the Saints can finally put it all together in their Week 10 bout against the Rams (sensing a pattern here?), this power ranking may very well change considerably, but for now, it would appear that fourth is a pretty accurate place to…well place the Saints seven games into the 2018 NFL season.