Philadelphia Eagles: 4 running back trade rumors following Jay Ajayi injury

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2. David Johnson

Two years ago, David Johnson was viewed as one of the league’s top running backs after following up his rookie campaign with an unbelievable outing in 2016, recording 2,118 yards from the line of scrimmage to go along with 20 touchdowns. Unfortunately, a season-ending injury in Week 1 during the 2017 season put the Arizona Cardinals in a tough position on offense, although he slowly seems to be working his way back to the effective level from two seasons ago with five touchdowns to date.

Still, when looking at the mess surrounding the Cardinals at the moment coming off their first win of 2018, it’s tough not to wonder if the Eagles would reach out to see if Johnson would even be a possibility. In fact, Derrick Gunn from NBC Sports in Philadelphia already discussed the possibility of Johnson being a potential target for Philadelphia in a trade, despite all of the chatter surrounding Le’Veon Bell.

Johnson is one of those running backs that can be used in multiple ways on offense as both a rusher and receiver, which makes this possibility even more intriguing for the Eagles when it comes to a replacement for Ajayi. Plus, keep in mind that Johnson is already under contract for the next couple of years, meaning Philadelphia wouldn’t have to worry about a new potential deal at the end of this season since it would already be taken care of.