Philadelphia Eagles: Winning Super Bowl LII would mean so much to many


On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles will take the field for Super Bowl LII, and winning their first title in franchise history will mean so much to so many.

This Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles will take the field looking to do something they have never accomplished. They will be looking to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history, and their first championship since 1960. An Eagles fan would have to be 58-years-old to have been alive for their last championship, but well into their 60s to remember it.

When the Eagles take the field on Sunday, they will not just be playing for the 53 men on the roster, but for so much more.

For the guys that put in all the work, starting on those hot summer days in July to every guy that showed up extra early and stayed extra late to put in more work. The 53 guys on the active roster who have been counted out time and time again will be looking to prove so many wrong.

For those who began this journey with the Eagles, but cannot finish it. Caleb Sturgis, Darren Sproles, Chris Maragos, Jordan Hicks, Jason Peters, and of course Carson Wentz. All of them would have killed for an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

For the coaches who put in so much time each and every day, who dedicated their lives to this team and their players. Doug Pederson, Jim Schwartz, Frank Reich and the rest of the coaching staff who love these players like a family.

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For the guy who was pushed aside just three years ago, and then put it all back together in just two short years. After so many years of being doubted, the Eagles can win this for Howie Roseman.

For the man who has owned the Eagles for almost 25 years, and has been through so much. Five head coaches, a bitter Super Bowl loss in 2005, but can finally get his ring on Sunday in Jeffrey Lurie.

For all those that came before, that came so close. Dawk, Donovan, Reggie, Jerome, Jaws, Harold, Mike Quick, Vermeil, B-West, Trot, Akers, Andy and so many more. A win would be so satisfying for those who put in some much work for this team over the years.

For all those former Eagles who are no longer with us. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, and so so many more.

For everyone who has every doubted this team or this city, whether in the past or this year. Eagles fans have been given so much flak over the years, but a win on Sunday is for the fans who have been doubted time and time again.

Or the players, who have heard over and over again, they can`t do it. This group of castoffs can prove all of the haters wrong and go down in history.

For all of those die-hard Eagles fans that are unfortunately no longer with us that never got to witness a Super Bowl. A win on Sunday is for them. Whether it be your family member, friend, or just a complete stranger, our Eagles love has brought us all together and a win on Sunday is for all of those who were never able to witness a Super Bowl victory.

For all of those that have waited so long. Those born in the 1960’s and 1970’s that suffered through so much agony. Or those in their 60’s and 70’s or older that have waited a lifetime to get another championship.

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And last but most certainly not least, for you the fans. The most passionate, die-hard fan base in the world deserves this more than anything. To all those that bleed-green until they die, this is for them. Whatever they say on the outside doesn’t matter, because we know how amazing this fan base is, and with a win on Sunday, they can finally rejoice over a Super Bowl Championship.