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Allen Iverson Gets Inducted Into the Basketball Hall of Fame

There will never be anyone like Allen Iverson. It’s hard to find an athlete that embodies the city he plays for quite like AI did in Philadelphia. He’s by far the most impactful player the franchise has seen since their championship run in 1983.

The swagger, the MVPs, the iconic Finals step over. There was always something special about Iverson. He had that aura of greatness that followed him throughout his illustrious Philadelphia career.

That greatness was rewarded this year when he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame alongside Yao Ming and Shaquille O’Neal. In typical Iverson fashion, he missed his flight. His speech was moving, pointing a thank you to his teammates, coaches, and shouting out the future of the team.

Iverson’s induction was a reward for an All-Time great who carried his team to the pinnacle of the league with little help. In the Hall of Fame is Iverson, his iconic headband and arm sleeve, and his ridiculously confident attitude. His induction was one for the entire city. It was a moment of greatness that will be remembered from anyone to ever watch him play.

It was an incredibly historic moment for the Sixers organization, and a day Allen Iverson will never forget. It was good for a struggling franchise to look back and reflect on the leader of the most successful era they’ve seen in the past two decades. Iverson will forever be loved by this city unconditionally.

How is this not the top moment? Well as one great ends his journey, another player tries to begin his path to becoming a great.