Sixers’ Top 5 Moments of 2016

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Joel Embiid Makes His NBA Debut

It finally happened. Joel Embiid finally got to step on the court after two long seasons of injury and rehab. His first game was on a minutes restriction where the team would try to grab a win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Embiid’s first basket came on a mid-range shot, and was the first two points of a debut with 20 points and seven rebounds. Embiid was in position to win the game, but fell short. It was still an incredible moment that was two years in the making, and his output in just 22 minutes.

Joel Embiid started what can be an amazing career, and is the new face of the franchise. His debut tops any other moment for the Sixers this year, as he tries to replicate and even outdo the legacy of Allen Iverson, the star prior to him. The loss to the Thunder will be ingrained in the minds of fans as they watch a new era being born.

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The moments 2016 has brought are ones that are historical in nature. The new year will bring new memories, but the Sixers have been blessed in the year of 2016. Another year of losing is known, but the challenges and results are still a mystery. 2017 could be the last year the Sixers have in piecing together this rebuilding core, and to make their presence felt in this league.