Sixers’ Top 5 Moments of 2016

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Sixers Land A Potential Star

The ultimate goal of obtaining the top pick in the draft seemed to be ironically difficult for the bottom-feeding Sixers. After two straight years of picking third in the draft, they finally secured the bet odds to get the top pick in the NBA Lottery.

Amazingly, the lottery matched the exact standings for the first time in the Lottery-Era. The Sixers avoided unfortunate luck, and were able to choose from any prospect they wanted.

When June of 2016 came around, the Sixers took a prospect that was touted as the league’s next star. Ben Simmons became the new face of the franchise after one night, and it seemed like this team was finally on its way to building a promising roster.

Simmons became the third top pick in history, joining Allen Iverson and Doug Collins.

Unfortunately, with the good came the bad. Simmons has yet to make his NBA debut thanks to a foot injury on the last day of training camp. Still, as he looks to become one half of the NBA’s next dominant duo, the Sixers will be sitting in a comfortable position for years to come.

In any other year, this moment would be number one. Obtaining the next so-called star can impact a franchise for better or worse, so this Simmons selection should not be taken lightly. But this is a weird year for the Sixers.  A year where huge moments have come at a regular. The two moments topping this one are rare in there impact.