Projecting Where the Phillies' Top 4 Free Agents Will Sign This Offseason

Projecting where the Philadelphia Phillies' top four free agents will land this offseason.
Projecting where the Philadelphia Phillies' top four free agents will land this offseason. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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The MLB offseason is here and free agency rumors are starting to heat up. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia Phillies, they have several big-name players hitting the open market this winter and probably won't be able to keep all of them.

In that case, let's take a stab at guessing where the Phillies' top four free agents will sign this offseason.

1. Aaron Nola: Boston Red Sox

While Aaron Nola has expressed interest in re-signing with Philadelphia this offseason, he's going to have a lot of suitors this offseason. There will likely be a bidding war for his services, which will make it tough for the Phillies to keep him.

Philadelphia already has an ace in Zack Wheeler, so it can afford to let Nola go. One team that desperately needs a No. 1 starter, however, is the Boston Red Sox.

Thanks to Chris Sale's constant injuries, the Red Sox haven't had a bona fide ace at the top of their rotation in half a decade. Boston was notoriously allergic to spending on starting pitching during Chaim Bloom's tenure, but that's about to change now that Craig Breslow (a former pitcher himself) is in charge.

Breslow played with a bunch of elite pitchers during his 12-year career, so he understands how valuable they are, especially in the postseason.

Based on his success in Philly, Nola would be a natural fit in Beantown. He's already proven he can handle the pressures of playing in a tough market and has flourished in the postseason. He's also durable and still relatively young for a free agent (30), which is what the Red Sox are looking for.

Breslow has had that financial resources won't be a constraint for Boston this winter, so don't be surprised if the Sox blow Nola out of the water with an offer that he can't refuse.