9 Phillies Who Won't Return in 2024

The Philadelphia Phillies' core roster should remain intact for another deep playoff run in 2024, but that doesn't mean there aren't some players who will be on their way out of town this offseason.
Aaron Nola highlights the list of nine Phillies who will not be back in Philadelphia in 2024.
Aaron Nola highlights the list of nine Phillies who will not be back in Philadelphia in 2024. / Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY
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After making the World Series in 2022 and reaching Game 7 of the NLCS in 2023, the Philadelphia Phillies don't exactly need to blow things up. This team has a terrific core, and the focus of the offseason should be around how to get the most out of that group.

But that doesn't mean everyone is returning to Philadelphia. There are plenty of Phillies on shaky footing after disappointing in 2023, and some players who may make the decision to play elsewhere.

Since the offseason is officially underway in Philly, let's look at nine players who won't be back for the Phillies in 2024.

1. Aaron Nola

I’m getting this one out of the way first, because it hurts.

Aaron Nola has been a constant in Philadelphia for years, and his presence is a reminder of what this team was before its recent surge. Nola debuted in 2015, which happened to be when the Phillies had their lowest win percentage since 1972.

He’s had his ups and downs since then, but he’s been a mainstay in Philadelphia and his 2022 resurgence coinciding with that World Series run was nearly perfect.

The only thing more fitting is if Nola was able to see the resurgence to its completion with a World Series win, but unfortunately he'll be out of town when we get one next year.

When Nola’s on, he’s absolutely worth the $30+ million he’s going to command on the open market, but the problem comes with how often he is rolling. This season was his second time in the last three years posting an ERA north of 4.40, and notably his 4.03 FIP was also tied for the worst mark of his career.

Someone is going to pay Nola more than he's worth. I'm thrilled for him that he'll get that payday, but it'll be tough to see him pitching elsewhere.