New Angle Shows Dirty Move by Cowboys Led to Dallas Goedert's Injury

A dirty move by Dallas Cowboys safety Markquese Bell played a role in Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert's injury in Week 9.
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Dallas Cowboys safety Markquese Bell (14) tackles
Nov 5, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Dallas Cowboys safety Markquese Bell (14) tackles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

No one is surprised the Philadelphia Eagles and their hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, played a hard-fought game in Week 9. The intensity ultimately had negative consequences for the Eagles, though, who saw stud tight end Dallas Goedert forced to leave the game after a physical tackle from Cowboys safety Markquese Bell.

We now know Goedert suffered a broken forearm on the play, which will require surgery and could force him to miss at least four games if he lands on the injured reserve list. However, it's possible all of this could have been avoided, according to new video evidence.

FOX29's Starling Underwood posted a new angle of the tackle involving Goedert and Bell that shows pure dirty play from Dallas' defender. Bell is spotted, clear as day, twisting the tight end's arm while attempting to bring him down.

While some might have clocked that right away in real time, this slow-motion clip also shows that Bell's move directly leads to Goedert's right forearm being in harm's way. The Cowboys safety holds onto Goedert's arm the entire time during the tackle, which then serves as the catalyst for this injury once he lands on it with his entire body.

If Bell let go, even at the last second, Goedert likely would've been able to avoid catastrophe. After all, he landed on his left shoulder, so his right arm should've never been at risk of being hurt in the first place.

Eagles fans are livid over this play, and this new angle will only increase the anger towards Bell. There's simply no logical explanation for the way he tackled Goedert. Instead, it appears the weight of the moment and rivalry got the best of him.

Hopefully the league looks at every available angle of this play, including this one, and responds accordingly to ensure players' safety.

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