Eagles' 3 Most Likely Dallas Goedert Replacements After Injury News

Dallas Goedert will miss some extended time with his injury, and the Eagles have a few clear options to replace him.
Dallas Goedert's injury leaves the Philadelphia Eagles looking for a replacement tight end option.
Dallas Goedert's injury leaves the Philadelphia Eagles looking for a replacement tight end option. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia Eagles haven't lost Dallas Goedert for the season, but he's likely going on IR after fracturing his forearm against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9.

Goedert is a crucial part of the Eagles' offense, and his absence leaves an obvious void.

Jack Stoll and Grant Calcaterra will step into expanded roles in his absence, but the TE3 spot is not so simple. Albert Okwuegbunam is next in line to take it over, but Philadelphia has rarely trusted him to even be active this season. Accordingly, the Eagles may want to look elsewhere to replace Goedert on the active roster.

Here are the three most likely options.

E.J. Jenkins

Let me start with a name that will probably only be familiar to you if you're a true Eagles diehard (or if you're a Georgia Tech fan who happens to be reading this Philly sports site).

The Eagles signed undrafted rookie tight end E.J. Jenkins to the practice squad last week, making him a favorite to be in the team's future plans at the position. It's not like he's had much time to get familiar with the offense, but signing him to a practice squad deal does clearly express the team's interest in him.

Jenkins was a wideout in college (at South Carolina and Georgia Tech), but his massive frame made him a receiving tight end prospect at the NFL level. At 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds, he simply won’t have the speed and quickness to play wideout.

He didn’t play a ton in college either, catching just 17 passes for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns in 12 games for the Yellow Jackets.

But there's the rub. A practice squad signing doesn't necessarily mean the team thinks he's ready now. And as a raw prospect with athletic upside, he doesn't exactly fit the archetype of a player who can contribute as a rookie.

So Jenkins may well remain on the practice squad while a more reliable (and maybe equally familiar) veteran gets brought in to fill the gap on the active roster.