Here's How the Eagles Clinch a Playoff Spot in Week 14

As the NFL regular season winds down, playoff spots are going to start being claimed by contenders.
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

As we enter Week 14 of the NFL schedule, there are just five weeks left of football to determine who will make the playoffs to begin the journey toward Super Bowl champion.

This week, there are three teams who can at least clinch a spot in the playoffs: the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

No doubt about it, these three teams represent the class of the NFC, with the Detroit Lions right in there with them as well. They will join the conversation soon as they seem to have the NFC North division on lock. But this weekend will be interesting because the Eagles and Cowboys will be facing off on Sunday after the Niners took care of their business this past Sunday in Philly.

Here's how Philly can get it done:

Eagles could clinch a playoff spot this Sunday

The Birds can be among the firsts to claim their spot in the postseason this Sunday, and there are plenty of ways it can be done. This most realistic path starts with a win in Dallas. Hopefully the chance of a win increased with the signing of free agent linebacker Saquille Leonard.

With an Eagles win and either a Seattle Seahawks (playing in San Francisco) or Los Angeles Rams (playing in Baltimore) loss. The odds of either or both of those happening has to feel pretty good, respectfully.

Bottom line is this: the Eagles will most likely be in the dance this postseason. If the Birds fall on Sunday, they'll still be okay. But if the Eagles want to win the division, let alone take the top seed in the NFC, Sunday is a must-win situation.

A loss could suddenly flip the odds in the NFC, potentially vaulting the Cowboys ahead of the Eagles into second (behind the 49ers) in the odds to win the conference.

In other Eagles news:


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