Eagles 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Eagles' final record will be in 2023
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Week 16: Giants @ Eagles - Dec. 25th

Right now, the Eagles are 3-0 in the NFC East. They already got their two games with the Washington Commanders out of the way and were able to win each of them. They were both much tighter than expected with the Eagles edging them out 34-31 in Week 4 and then again in Week 8 they won 38-31. That was right before their win over Dallas, which was another one-score contest.

In this prediction, they're now 3-1 in the division with the final two games against the Giants. They get to face the G-Men twice over the last three weeks of the season and it feels as though the schedule-makers couldn't have given them a better gift.

The Giants are currently 2-8 with their only wins coming against the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Commanders. They were already struggling in the worst way before losing Daniel Jones for the season and that just sent them from bad to worse. They were handed a 30-6 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders — who were fired up since they no longer had Josh McDaniels on the sideline. Then last week, it was Dallas destroying them in a 49-17 game.

Philadelphia is currently on a four-game winning streak against the Giants and that includes sweeping them last year when they were a playoff team. This year, they run them out of the building and are resting their starters by the start of the fourth quarter.

Score Prediction: Eagles 35, Giants 7
Record 12-3