A.J. Brown Fires Back at Donovan McNabb for Stirring Up QB Drama

Wide receiver A.J. Brown emerges as a strong leader for the Philadelphia Eagles, addressing controversy stirred by former team star Donovan McNabb, and refocusing attention on the game.
Philadelphia Eagles star A.J. Brown has fired back at Donovan McNabb for stirring up unnecessary QB drama.
Philadelphia Eagles star A.J. Brown has fired back at Donovan McNabb for stirring up unnecessary QB drama. / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest early storylines for the Philadelphia Eagles this season was potential tension between wide receiver A.J. Brown and quarterback Jalen Hurts. The two were captured having an impassioned talk on the sidelines in Week 2 that made opposing fan bases pray there was trouble in paradise.

However, Brown quickly took blame for the incident, and everyone around the locker room said there was no issue at hand.

We all thought the discourse had ended there. But, former Eagles star Donovan McNabb stirred up some unnecessary drama on Monday with his radio appearance on 94WIP, and Brown decided to fire back on Tuesday.

It all started with McNabb's comments to begin this week. He seemed to liken Brown to former teammate Terrell Owens while discussing how star wideouts can force an offense to be "catered" to them instead of putting the entire unit in the best position possible to succeed.

Brown was not going to let this slander slide, though. He told McNabb to "keep that (his comments on the situation) to yourself." The wideout even burned the ex-QB by saying, "Out of all people you should know better."

It's great to see Brown speaking up when outsiders, even a former Eagle, are trying to meddle in the current team's affairs. Letting people talk nonsense about the exchange allows different narratives to be spun, which serve as a distraction in the locker room.

By confronting the misinformation head-on, Brown's showing incredible leadership. He's making it clear that any negative noise about him being upset with targets is completely inaccurate, which helps the team weed out the opinions they shouldn't pay attention to.

Hopefully everyone can now move past this moment once for all. It's clear Brown and Hurts -- who have hooked up for over 100 yards in each of the past four games since that viral clip -- certainly already have.

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