3 Trade Targets the Eagles Must Avoid at the Deadline

Are there any trades the Philadelphia Eagles should avoid in 2023?
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Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is addicted to making trades, and I mean that in the best possible way. Many NFL fans love the way the Eagles operate because of Roseman's aggressiveness, and because frankly, he almost never saw a trade opportunity he didn't like.

And trades have set up the Philadelphia Eagles as a true contender with one of the best overall rosters in the NFL. The Eagles have built their roster effectively by making trades not only to offload players from the previous Super Bowl team that was once considered the "core" of this Philly roster but also to add players like wide receiver AJ Brown who have changed the franchise's trajectory for the better.

But there are some trades that the Eagles might want to avoid, believe it or not. What should they be steering clear of?

1. Don't overpay for CB Jaylon Johnson

One thing the Philadelphia Eagles seem to do better than just about every team is get players for really good value on the trade market. You rarely see them overpay for players, even when you include star players like AJ Brown. That AJ Brown trade was picks 18 and 101 overall straight up for Brown. We have seen wide receivers go for a lot more than that in recent years, so the Eagles basically got Brown for a bargain.

You may not be getting Jaylon Johnson for a bargain price if the Chicago Bears are even willing to deal him in the first place. He just had an outstanding game against the Raiders and built on what has been a successful season overall already.

I think for the right price, the Eagles might dip into the CB market (we've already seen Howie Roseman address depth there by signing veteran Bradley Roby), but they need to be careful not to give up too many draft assets when they've already committed money to both James Bradberry and Darius Slay.