3 Offseason Moves That Will Backfire on the Eagles

The Eagles could wind up regretting these decisions
Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni
Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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After nearly winning it all following the 2022 campaign, the Philadelphia Eagles were poised for another deep postseason run last year. A 10-1 start had them on top of the league but then things fell apart.

Philly lost five of their final six games and then were bounced in the first round of the playoffs. They’ve since made several moves to try and get back on track but not all will pan out. Here we look at three offseason decisions that will backfire.

3. Betting on Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore flew through the coaching ranks, becoming an offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys after just one season as a quarterback coach. Moore was solid in his first season but really took off in 2021 and 2022 — leading the Cowboys to a top-four offense each year.

To strengthen his resume for a potential head coaching job, Moore joined the Los Angeles Chargers. His first season didn't go as planned with the offense finishing 21st in points and 18th in yards. The Cowboys actually improved without Moore, finishing first in points and fifth in yards.

The Eagles are now giving him another shot, which led to a lot of laughter from the Dallas fan base — who believes A.J. Brown will lose it on “Curl-Route Kellen.”

The Eagles had issues keeping their offensive players happy in 2023, which led to the decision to move on from Brian Johnson. Moore has a recognizable name but the Cowboys’ offense improved when he left while the Chargers went from ninth in yards and 21st in points to 18th in yards and 24th in points when he arrived.