3 Free Agents the 76ers Should Sign for the Veteran Minimum

The Philadelphia 76ers need to take a look at these veterans still available on the free-agent market.
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The Philadelphia 76ers are the winners of free agency. Regardless of what else they do this offseason, they are arguably the team that strengthened their roster the most. After having entered the summer with only Joel Embiid on the books for next season, the Sixers managed to put together an elite rotation. Having retained Tyrese Maxey and signed Paul George, GM Daryl Morey continued his impressive run with team-friendly deals to Kelly Oubre Jr, Caleb Martin, Andre Drummond, and Eric Gordon.

However, they still need to round out the rest of the roster. For that, they are going to have to rely on some veteran minimum contracts. Fortunately for them, there are still some solid role players available on the market who would be willing to come to Philadelphia on a minimum deal. Let's take a look.

Kyle Lowry

This should be the most obvious target for the Sixers. In fact, it's rather surprising that this hasn't gotten done yet. Perhaps there is a mutual understanding between the two sides about a potential deal but we are yet to see any progress on that front.

The 38-year-old guard signed with the Sixers after the trade deadline last year and played a huge part in the final stretch of the season. He started in all six playoff games and played over 29 minutes per game.

Obviously, he wouldn't play such a large role during the regular season next year but his veteran competence would come in handy during the playoffs. He is still a dangerous shooter and a capable playmaker on the offensive end. Combine that with his transition ability and defensive intensity in short spurts, Kyle Lowry is one of the best additions the Sixers can make on a veteran minimum deal.