3 Eagles Who Must Be Benched Before the Playoffs

These Eagles must be benched if Philly is going to reach another Super Bowl
Opposing QBs have a 117.7 passer rating when targeting James Bradberry
Opposing QBs have a 117.7 passer rating when targeting James Bradberry / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Brian Johnson - OC

This is Johnson's first year as offensive coordinator after the team lost Shane Steichen to the Colts, and the results have been mediocre at best.

Following a strong start to the year, the wheels fell of the wagon in recent weeks. Philly hasn't eclipsed 19 points over the last three games and Jalen Hurts has 16 turnovers overall.

Hurts publicly called out his team for not being committed after the loss to Seattle, typically a poor reflection of coaching. A.J. Brown is putting up stellar numbers still, but just about everyone else has regressed a bit under Johnson.

The whispers that Philly was too predictable were proven correct when Christian McCaffrey effortlessly diagnosed the exact play the Eagles would run on Monday Night Football.

When opposing teams can so easily predict what you're going to do, you've got a huge problem.

Brian Johnson and Nick Sirianni need to take a look in the mirror and craft some new schemes to keep defenses on their toes. You can survive struggles on one side of the ball, but when both your offense and defense have issues? Well, that's how you get a three-game losing streak.

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