3 Eagles on Thin Ice After Monday Night Football Dud Against Seahawks

These 3 Eagles aren't looking too hit after a terrible showing against Seattle on Monday Night Football
Philadelphia Eagles
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1. Jalen Hurts, Quarterback

Maybe 'thin ice' is a stretch for Jalen Hurts but he didn't come out of this one looking overly positive. He was equally the only reason the Eagles had a chance in this one while also being one of the primary reasons they lost.

On the ground, he put up 82 yards and ran two touchdowns in a gritty performance. He deserves praise for this, especially since he was playing through an illness. But that doesn't excuse the missed throws with receivers wide open.

Hurts finished with just 143 yards on 17-of-31 passing and had two interceptions. After being unable to deliver in the final minutes, he had to watch as Drew Lock led the game-winning drive. Following the third loss in a row, he then had a rough presser that came off as if he was disinterested — and he might have been throwing someone under the bus with his "committed" comment.

No, the Eagles aren't going to do anything dumb like start Marcus Mariota — sorry David Carr — but they need Hurts to turn it around. With three games left to play, he's already doubled his interception total from 2022. In fact, his 12 picks this year aren't too far off from the 19 he had in his first three years combined.

As frustrating as that is, the look he had after the game was more concerning. Hurts has never been the best pure passer in the NFL but he wins in large part due to his leadership. If he seems to be out on this team, that's a telling sign.

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