Philadelphia Eagles: 3 backups who can make an impact in 2022

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3 Philadelphia Eagles reserves who could make an impact in 2022.

Though the Philadelphia Eagles don’t officially report to camp until later this month, the summer hype train is speeding along with little signs of slowing down. The offseason accolades bestowed by everyone from Peter King to Skip Bayless have been glowing, the players all look bought-in, and some, like Miles Sanders, are comparing the squad to an all-star team, even if A.J. Brown went out of his way to tamper expectations in favor of good old fashioned hard work.

On paper, the team has it all. They have an improved defense with consequential upgrades at linebacker, cornerback, and defensive tackle, a shiny new $100 million wide receiver, and a deeper talent pool across the offensive depth chart with key reserves who could play an important role should someone suffer an injury.

That word is important: Depth – while having big name, top-end stars in a starting lineup is incredibly important, football, moreso than any of the other four major American sports, is a team game and thus requires a roster filled out with very few wasted roster spots.

Sure, teams will sometimes keep a high-upside developmental guy around as an on-roster project, 2018 Jordan Mailata comes to mind, but in the NFL, where as many as 46 guys play in any given game, there isn’t a lot of leeway for that sort of down-the-road thought.

Fortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles loaded up on intriguing reserves this offseason who could not only get better moving forward but contribute right away. These three are worth keeping a particularly close eye on.