Philadelphia Eagles: A.J. Brown gives great advice to Miles Sanders

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Miles Sanders has high expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles this fall.

Going into arguably the most important year of his NFL career, as he is currently without a contract for the 2023 NFL season, Sanders has assessed the talent assembled around him at the NovaCare Center, read the hype across the internet – Hi Miles! – and made a bold yet well-sourced claim as per CBS Sports, “We all feel like we’re on an All-Star team, so we feel great. We feel unstoppable, I’m not gonna lie, The vibes are great, always have been.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up; Sanders’ enthusiasm is rightfully earned, as who knows more about the goings-on in the Eagles more than one of their featured offensive players, but he’s giving off major Vince Young vibes and could have some serious egg on his face the if the team fails to live up to their self-imposed expectations for one reason or another.

Fortunately, A.J. Brown, Sanders’ very well-paid teammate stepped in and tempered the former PSU rusher’s expectations, as for the Philadelphia Eagles to scale the heights they want to reach, they first need to put in the work to get there.

The Philadelphia Eagles can’t afford to buy into their own hype.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been getting a lot of hype so far this offseason. They were considered one of the winners of free agency, of the 2022 NFL Draft, and have played the trade market better than almost any other team, with A.J. Brown’s addition looking better and better with each passing massive contract signed by another wide receiver.

Peter King called the team both the fourth-best team in the NFC and the second-most slept-on team in the NFL period, ESPN ranked the team seventh league-wide based on Pro Football Focus’ metrics, and speaking of PFF, they’ve listed many of the team’s position groupings as either the best unit – offensive line – or one of the best units – wide receiver, defensive line – in the NFC too.

Surely all of these momentus declarations are enough to get a team and their players to buy into their own hype, right? Maybe rest on their pedigree and expect to win instead of grinding away to ensure that preperation meets the opportunity?

Fortunately, Brown swooped in like the Eagles’ mascot and shut that down real quick.

Though he may be new to the Bird Gang, Brown is as wise as an owl.

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Will the Philadelphia Eagles ultimately prove their proponents right? Will they finally unseat the Dallas Cowboys and become the best team in the NFC East? Or will they, for one reason or another, fail to live up to the hype and look silly down the line? Either way, if the team sticks to A.J. Brown’s philosophy of working hard regardless of what others are saying, they should be just fine.