Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Sirianni, noted Philadelphia Phillies fan?

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Synergy is a wonderful thing.

Companies like to maintain consistency across departments, Hershey does specialty drinks with Dunkin Donuts. Heck, some cities, like Pittsburgh, even make it a point to maintain synergy across the color schemes of their sports teams, even if technically the Pitt Panthers are blue and yellow, not black and gold.

So naturally, with the Philadelphia Phillies currently in the thralls of a playoff push for the first time since what feels like forever – actual time? Since 2011 – it’s only right for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni to put on his best red, white, and blues and show some love for his Philadelphia Sports Complex neighbors, right?

But wait, is Siranni even a real Philly sports fan? Honestly, who cares?

The Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles should root for each other.

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Nick Sirianni was born in Jamestown, New York. He attended college at Mt. Union in Alliance, Ohio, coached at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) from 2006–2008, and went on to spend a decade bouncing around the NFL before he finally got his first head coaching gig in the spring of 2021.

Does any of that directly associate with being a Philly fan? Probably not. Unless Sirianni’s stint at IUP was particularly formative, which doesn’t make a ton of sense, considering it really is closer to Pittsburgh than Philadelphia, he’s far more likely to support a team like Buffalo Bills, the Steelers, or even the Cleveland Browns over the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies.

But then again, who says you have to be a fan of the team based on geography? There are literally thousands of Philly fans worldwide who have never stepped foot in our fair city, and some who never will. Maybe Sirianni never really followed baseball at any point in his 40 years of life and became a fast fan of this particular Phillies team due to proximity and the ease of catching a game in person.

Has Sirianni become a Citizens Bank Park stalwart? Will he soon be setting up Sirianni’s Sammies right down the alley from Bull’s BBQ?

Honesty, probably not, and who really cares?

Some people care a little too much about the fandoms of their favorite team’s players. While it’s always cool to find a player like Vinny Curry who achieved their lifelong goal of playing for their childhood favorite team, you’ll just as often see a player like Corey Clement, who grew up in the area but rooted for the Dallas Cowboys long before he started cashing paychecks from the team.

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If you want to call Nick Sirianni a fairweather fan, then you do you. If you want to call him a fake Philadelphian, then again, go for it; I would assume he lives in New Jersey anyway. But do you know what? If Sirianni wants to embrace his new city and root for the Philadelphia Phillies, why not embrace that instead of fretting over his pedigree? To paraphrase an actual Philadelphian who plays a fake one on TV: Go Eagles! Go Phillies! Go Birds!