Phillies: Alec Bohm is on the brink of a much-needed hot streak

Heading into the 2021 season, the continued emergence of Alec Bohm was a storyline that many Phillies fans were looking forward to watching. Riding the hype of a Rookie of the Year caliber debut season, expectations were sky-high for the young third baseman.

However, early results have not been the most promising.

Just over three weeks into the season, and Bohm’s production was nowhere near the level we had all initially expected it to be. His strikeout rate was way up, his walk rate was way down, and his batting average was actually sat below .200 following the team’s April 27th loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

However, following a few at-bats off this past Wednesday, it’s starting to look like the NL ROTY runner-up is finding his groove again.

Since Wednesday, Bohm is hitting 6/15 with three RBIs. He’s recorded two multi-hit outings, including a three-hit performance with a home run against the Mets on Saturday night. For a player who’s struggled to string together multiple productive at-bats in a row this season, this is obviously a really good sign.

While Bohm’s box score statistics still aren’t looking the prettiest (.229/.264/.354), it’s worth highlighting that his Statcast numbers paint the picture of a player who is primed to break out anytime now. He ranks in the 91st percentile in average exit velocity, 87th percentile in hard hit percentage, 84th percentile in max exit velocity, and 66th percentile in barrel percentage.

While hitting the baseball hard isn’t the end-all be-all for generating base hits, consistent hard contact over a prolonged period of time typically produces above average results.

Phillies 3B Alec Bohm is set to catch fire soon.

Not only would a hot streak benefit Bohm and his overall development, but it would obviously help out a Phillies team that’s pretty desperate for offensive production from someone not named Bryce Harper or J.T. Realmuto. As great as those two have played this season, two players producing in a lineup of nine simply isn’t going to cut it these days. If Bohm can start to swing the bat the way he did last season, driving in runs at an extremely high rate, then you’re starting to look at a far more complete Phillies lineup.

Maybe it was the day out of the starting lineup that helped flip the switch for Bohm at the plate, or maybe it was just a matter of getting a little bit luckier. Regardless, it does feel like Bohm is primed for a bit of a hot streak here soon, and it couldn’t come at a better time. The temperature is going to start rising in South Philly (hittin’ season as Charlie Manuel would say), and the Phillies are still right in the thick of things in the NL East.