Philadelphia 76ers: Tobias Harris helped his All-Star odds versus Brooklyn

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Tobias Harris hasn’t been mentioned much in the All-Star race this year, but does he deserve a spot on the roster? I believe so far, he does. With Harris, it’s more than just his scoring. He’s a leader, and when he’s on the floor, the Philadelphia 76ers offense runs much more efficiently.

Harris is averaging 20.2 points per game on the season while shooting 51.4 percent (career-high) from the field and 44 percent from the arc. He’s averaging 7.4 rebounds per game to go along with three assists per game. Defensively, he’s also averaging one block and one steal per game.

As I said, it’s not all about his scoring or even his defense. He’s a leader on the floor, and the Sixers offense flows much better with him on the court. The way he leads and mentors the younger players also can’t be overlooked.

In this article, I’m going to explain why I believe he deserves to be an All-Star at this point in the season and how he helped his case in last night’s game vs. the Brooklyn Nets. While the Nets were missing Kevin Durant (health and safety protocols) and Kyrie Irving (sprained finger), Harris did what he does best and led the team to another win against another top team in the Eastern Conference.

Tobias Harris shined in the Philadelphia 76ers’ win over Brooklyn.

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Last night the Sixers beat the Nets 124-108, the game was much closer than the score indicates, but none the less, the Sixers came out on top against yet another top team in the conference. Harris helped his case to make the All-Star game with another efficient performance. He scored 21 points, 12 rebounds, six assists, one block, and two steals.

Not only that, but he shot 62.5 percent from the field. In addition, his five offensive rebounds really helped the team as well. If he can add that to his game more consistently, that would be huge for not only his case to make the All-Star Game, but it would be huge for the Sixers as a team going forward as well.

What I thought was even more impressive about his game last night was his play on the defensive side of the ball. As previously stated, he had one block and two steals. If he could play more aggressively on defense more consistently, that would be a huge boost to this team who is already a great team defensively.

Another thing I believe that helps his case for the All-Star game is something I found pretty interesting. Versus Brooklyn, Harris shot 100 percent from the free-throw line. Impressive, but what’s even more so is that he has actually accomplished the feat in his last four games in a row.

On the season, Harris is shooting 86.7 percent from the free-throw line, which would, as of right now, be his third-best season from the line. Harris has been a solid free-throw shooter his entire career; he averages 82.1 percent. If he continues to score the way he has been scoring, he also has a chance to score a career-high in points per game. His current career-high in scoring was in 2018 with the Clippers (20.9), as he’s currently averaging 20.2 points per game. And Doc Rivers, his current coach, was his coach at that time as well.

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In conclusion, the Brooklyn game was nothing too unusual for Tobias Harris and the Philadelphia 76ers. It was yet another efficient night for Harris and another great win for the Sixers. Harris once again proved he might be slept on when it comes to making the All-Star game, and I’m sure he’ll continue making a case for himself, but whether he makes it on the roster or not, he has proven to be an All-Star regardless in my eyes.