What if the Philadelphia Eagles were actually correct in firing Doug Pederson?

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What if the Philadelphia Eagles were correct in moving off Doug Pederson?

The Philadelphia Eagles have fired Doug Pederson. That’s old, old news at this point in time. Despite possessing an overall winning record, two division titles, three trips to the postseason, and of course one Lombardi trophy, the Philadelphia Eagles (Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman to be exact) opted to part ways with the 52 year old head coach this offseason.

For the most part, everyone (fans and media pundits alike) seem to be in agreement that this was a disastrous move for the Eagles organization. Despite the team’s ugly 4-11-1 record this past season, Doug is in fact the only coach to deliver a Super Bowl win to the city of Philadelphia. After decades and decades of failing to achieve that task, it’s a pretty rough sell that firing Pederson is what will ultimately get the Eagles back there.

People are blaming Lurie for being a bad owner. They’re blaming Howie Roseman for being a bad general manager. Some are even blaming Carson Wentz (and other players) for failing to deliver this past season.

Ultimately speaking, I agree with the general conclusion that firing Pederson probably wasn’t in the Eagles best interest. Super Bowl winning head coaches don’t grow on trees, and the current candidate pool isn’t exactly thrilling. With that said, there’s a small part of me that thinks maybe Lurie and Roseman pulled the plug at exactly the right time. After all, they were correct to fire Chip Kelly when they did, a move that was met with some confusion at the time.

Here are the four main reasons that could actually somewhat “justify” the Eagles decision to change head coaches moving forward:

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