Philadelphia 76ers: Seth Curry is embracing the ‘South Philly flow’

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

Seth Curry has the Philadelphia 76ers’ offense flowing.

Through the first five games of the 2020-21 NBA season, the Philadelphia 76ers‘ offense has been about as smooth as the stuff you might put on movie food.

Their passes have been butter. Their cuts have been crisps. And their shots? Nothing but net bay bay.

But who, you may ask, has been the biggest benefactor of this success? Well, everyone really, but today, I’d really like to talk about Seth Curry.

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Through his first six games of action in a Sixers uniform, Curry has been a prolific performer the likes of which Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have seldom been afforded the honor of playing with. He’s been a lights-out 3 point shooter – hitting 51.9 percent of his 5.4 shots from beyond the arc a game – a surprisingly stout defender, and one of the most impactful passes on Doc Rivers‘ roster right now.

And the best part of all? Curry’s active hands have set the Sixers into a seriously fun to watch ‘South Philly flow.’

Gone are the days of stagnant drives, wasted possessions, and an offense devoid of any sort of movement, and in their place, Rivers has crafted a newer, funner offense that actually plays to his players’ strengths.

What? Using players to their strengths instead of just forcing square pegs into round holes? Is that even allowed?

Under Rivers’ watchful eye, Tobias Harris has somehow become both more aggressive and more selfless – which doesn’t sound like a thing but is – Danny Green has settled into a fifth man role after playing third banana to LeBron James and Anthony Davis in LA last season, and Shake Milton? Well, Shake Milton is the kind of player you can confidently buy a jersey of without fear.

But it’s been Curry more so than any of his compatriots who has truly highlighted the difference between the 2019-20 Sixers and their 2020-21 iteration. His ball-handling was absent last season. His generational 3 point shot was missing. Heck, even his little cross-court pass on a drive would have been a basketball godsend last season.

If 2021 was a person, I’m cool with it being the ‘other’ Curry brother.

Now granted, the 76ers haven’t been perfect through their first six games of the season. They still turn the ball over too often and got seriously sloppy in the third quarter of an otherwise out of hand contest against a white-hot Terry Rozier and the not-so-white-hot-Charlotte Hornets. But when roughly half of the team’s roster has been turned over from one season to the next, that’s understandable, maybe even to be expected.

With 65 more games left to play, it’s pretty safe to say the Sixers have plenty of time to tighten up their loose ends before the playoffs roll around.

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When news broke that Josh Richardson explicitly strongarmed his way out of Philly to Dallas this offseason, it raised many an eyebrow in the Delaware Valley. But after watching Seth Curry play like a man on fire through his first six games of the season, I’d like to personally thank the Philadelphia 76ers’ former guard/forward for doing so, as his contract and a second-round pick looks like a darn bargain for three more years of number 31 at roughly $8 million a season. So, in a weird twisty twist of fate, the Sixers didn’t make out too bad in the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade after all.