Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons’ sister suggests a Tuesday trade on Twitter

Did Ben Simmons’ sisters just suggest a forthcoming Philadelphia 76ers trade?

Are you ever having a relatively good day only to log into Twitter and see something that throws the rest of your whole day into wack?

And no, I’m not talking about the very Philly reason why Wawa has been trending all day (look it up if you’re brave and/or desensitized to the sort of things that go down at Wawa at 2 am).

On Monday evening, Philadelphia 76ers point forward Ben Simmons‘ sister Liv, aka @livvalice on Twitter sent out a rather cryptic message suggesting that she “Can’t wait for trade news on Tuesday……..”

Um, what?

Well, fear not Philly fans, for Simmons’ older sister clarified the message after (presumably) a small army of confused fans flooded her mentions on a Noah’s Arc-scale, stating simply, “Because nobody wants to hear anything on a Monday. F*n relax guys.” before announcing that she’ll be “logging out of Twitter for the day” an hour later.

Cool, glad she cleared that up.

Now on paper, this, um, declaration(?) by Liv Simmons is rather bizarrely timed, as Daryl Morey spent his morning reiterating that Ben and Joel Embiid will not be split up anytime soon – referencing Sam Hinkie’s take that the Sixers lost far too many games to split the duo up without doing everything in their power to make the pairing work.

Was this a diversionary tactic to show a strong face while secretly playing hardball behind the scenes?

Rumor has it; the Nets are no longer actively focusing on acquiring James Harden via trade. Could Morey have used this knowledge to his advantage to re-engage in talks with his former franchise without having to throw hands in an Eastern Conference bidding war? It’s not like any of the Sixers’ moves thus far in 2020 have so much as been rumored to in either free agency or the draft – outside of Isaiah Joe‘s poorly articulated promise from the team – maybe this really was Morey’s plan all along?

I mean, probably not, but who knows, right?

In theory, every one of the Sixers’ moves so far this offseason could work in a Harden-Embiid lineup just as well as a Simmons-Embiid lineup. Tyrese Maxey could be a perfect long-term 3-and-D point guard to play alongside Harden, Dwight Howard had some solid seasons paired up with ‘The Beard’ in Houston, and shooters like Joe, Danny Green, Seth Curry, and even Paul Reed can pretty much slot into any offense in the NBA regardless of scheme.

Has Morey pulled the wool over our eyes for the better part of a month only to make a massive, NBA-altering trade after all?

I mean, probably not, but honestly, I’m not really sure.

If the NBA day closes out tomorrow without so much as a peep on the trade front, we can safely assume that Daryl Morey’s commitment to a Ben Simmons-Joel Embiid pairing is sincere – at least through the start of the Philadelphia 76ers’ season. But if something big goes down and we’re all collectively rushing to the internet to discuss a massive move, I guess we can all say we heard it first from Liv Alice Simmons, as unlikely as that would have seemed one day prior.