Should the Philadelphia Eagles really be buyers at the trade deadline?

Should the Philadelphia Eagles really be buyers at the trade deadline?

Well, this one doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, it appears the Philadelphia Eagles are set to be ‘buyers’ at this year’s trade deadline. I know what you’re thinking; why in the world would the Birds’ be looking to add talent while they are stuck in mediocrity? Does it make sense? The short answer: No, it does not make sense at all.

Ever since winning Super Bowl 52, the Eagles have honestly been one heck of a roller coaster ride. The 2018 season saw this team get off to a 4-6 start, only to rally down the stretch winning five of their last six to win the NFC East at 9-7. They would end up falling in the divisional round of the playoffs to the New Orleans Saints, when everybody’s favorite folk hero Nick Foles threw a back-breaking interception at the two-minute warning of that game. Granted, the ball did go right through Alshon Jeffrey’s hands, but I digress.

The 2019 season was honestly much of the same story. The Eagles were very much up and down, as they began the season 5-7, before rattling off four consecutive victories down the stretch to steal the NFC East once again with a record of 9-7. Of course, this time, it was on the back of franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. Even with a different guy under center, the end of the story was about the same as the Birds’ fell in the wild card round to the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, I am aware Wentz left that game due to injury (what else is new? I kid, I kid), but the results remain the same.

Do you see the trend?

This team continues to go backward. Super Bowl champs in 2017, a divisional-round exit in 2018, and a wild card exit in 2019. As the roster continues to age (yes, they are old), the result continues to get worse.

The obvious solution would be to accept that the roster needs to get younger, and a re-tooling is much needed. Notice I use the word re-tooling as opposed to rebuilding? This is because the main pieces are in place already. The Eagles have their franchise quarterback in Wentz. They have their Super Bowl-winning head coach in Doug Pederson (who continues to be disrespected.) With that said, adding at the deadline is not the kind of re-tooling this organization needs.

I have already said it, but the fact is I can not emphasize this enough: The Philadelphia Eagles need to get younger.

Trading assets such as draft picks midseason only makes sense when you feel you are one move away from putting yourself over the top. This made sense in 2017 when the team acquired Jay Ajayi at the deadline. Heck, it made sense in 2018 when the team acquired Golden Tate. Unfortunately, those times have passed, and this current corps window has closed, and that is okay. It happens to all great teams (aside from the New England Patriots.)

Now the thing is, Howie Roseman can not make a panic move.

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I will use an analogy a good friend of mine loves to use; the Philadelphia Eagles need to make sure they do not attempt to put a band-aid over a gunshot wound. Accept the fact this is not their year, and look to do what needs to be done in the offseason to make sure it’s possible that next year could be their year. But trading draft picks at the deadline for short-term rentals? Yeah, don’t do that.