Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Graham continues to age like a fine wine

Brandon Graham continues to get better with age for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As the years continue to tick by, Brandon Graham continues to be an incredibly important player for the Philadelphia Eagles. While we are long past the days where many considered BG a “bust”, the defensive end has now cemented himself as one of the better defensive lineman in the National Football League.

Stay with me here, as I am about to blow your mind. Currently in this weird 2020 NFL season, Graham is on pace for the most sacks as well as the most quarterback hits in a single season during his eleven year career. Keep in mind, he is doing this at the ripe age of 32. That is pretty darn impressive.

He is on pace for 12 sacks and 28 QB hits. Currently the most sacks he has posted in a single season is 9.5 (2017) and the most quarterback hits he has posted in a single season is 22 (2016). Additionally, BG is also on pace for 20 tackles for loss, which would also surpass his career high of 15 which he posted in 2017 as well as 2019.

Some fans (myself included) were uneasy of the Philadelphia Eagles decision to commit big money to an aging defensive end. However, that $39 million over three years appears to be a bargain; as this is one move the much maligned Eagles front office got correct. Graham continues to age like a fine wine.

It is no secret that the key to winning football games for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020 will be their defensive line play. When they are able to completely take over and dominate games like they did late in the game against the Bengals as well as in their huge upset win against the 49ers, it makes all the difference in the world. It is also no secret how much this regime values the trenches. As they have pumped a lot of money into their offensive and defensive lines in recent years.

Continuing to get production from a guy like Graham is huge; and the fact that the production has been elite is just icing on the cake for this football team.

To make things even better, Graham’s impact stretches further than between the lines on the football field. He has become somewhat of a mentor to younger players, and there is no question he has had a tremendous impact on a guy like Josh Sweat who has continued to improve and looks like he is going to be a player for years to come.

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Eventually, Graham will get to the point where he begins to decline. Of course, we know this because father time is undefeated. However, the impact he has made not only on the field but on this franchise will be felt for years to come. From his redemption tour when many believed he was a bust, to making the biggest play in Philadelphia Eagles history, to continuing to improve with age; Graham’s legacy in Philadelphia will live on forever.