Philadelphia Eagles: Can we please move on from Nick Foles already?

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are old news.

*exhale* We need to talk about Nick Foles.

The first quarterback in franchise history to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory, Foles is a legend in our little corner of the country.


How many other players, let alone backup quarterbacks, have a statue of themselves outside of an NFL stadium while they are still playing? By my count, that’d be a resounding zero.

While wearing a midnight green jersey, Foles unseated starting quarterback Michael Vick, tied an NFL record for the most touchdowns scored in a game at seven, and oh yeah, led the team to two highly improbable playoff runs in reserve of Carson Wentz. By my count, Foles has at least two jerseys hanging in Canton and may go down as having one of the single most unique careers in NFL history.

But eventually, we collectively have to move on, right?

I’m mean sure, its hard not to reminisce on the good old days when the Birds are in such a miserable state, but at what point does nostalgia become debilitating?

When Bart Scott starts suggesting the Eagles need to re-re-reacquire Foles as they somehow drop a gimme game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3, that’s when.

Granted, Scott largely made his comments in jest, as no one, not even the most out of touch individual actually believes Howie Roseman would go to bat to make that deal happen, but that doesn’t mean fans are going to debate such a move’s merits.

If that’s you, I just want you to know I get it. I get wanting to go back to simpler times and I get not being sold on Wentz after stringing together two of his worst games as a pro to start out a season. I even get preferring Foles over Jalen Hurts, who has yet to log a single offensive stat outside of ‘snaps played: 3’.

Every time Foles has taken over for Wentz midseason,  its lead to fruitful playoff runs for the Eagles, with everything else bad happening in the world, I can understand craving something good to hang your hat on.

But remember, not only is Foles the guy who won a Super Bowl MVP for the Eagles in 2018, and owns a 4-1 playoff record since 2017, but he’s also the quarterback who was beaten out by Mitch Trubisky and Gardner Minshew in subsequent seasons despite earning exponentially more money than his younger counterparts.

Who knows, maybe Foles is just really good at playing in Doug Pederson’s scheme, or gets like Popeye when he’s around Philadelphia Water Ice? Whatever the reason, it’s clear Foles and Wentz can no longer conscionably be expected to co-exist on the same roster, as it’s just unfair to either player.

Wentz shouldn’t have to constantly look over his shoulder when he throws a bad pass and hear chants for ‘Foles’ from a virtual crowd – he gets enough of that from the folks over at ESPN and And frankly, Foles deserves to be competing for a starting spot where he can be adequately appreciated. He may not be a top-20 quarterback in the NFL but he’s certainly a top-35 and those dudes stick around for a looooong time.

But hey, don’t feel too bad that Foles is gone. There’s still a chance a few years down the line that he could be back on a Josh McCown sort of role where he can stay in shape, shepherd younger players around, and get into games in an emergency situation. He clearly loves our fair city, and I could imagine much worse ways to spend one’s late 30s than collecting millions to hold a clipboard.

With that in mind, Foles isn’t Chase Daniel, so don’t expect that day to come anytime soon.

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So Nick Foles, thank you for everything you’ve done for the Philadelphia Eagles and our great City of Brotherly Love. Your statue will sit outside of the Linc probably forever and the words ‘Philly Philly’ will never mean the same. But until the day comes when you either leave the league entirely or want to take a step back and focus on a reserve role, I think it’s best if we stay apart for the time being if for no other reason than to avoid more “provocative” segments prescribing a quick fix for the Philadelphia Eagles.