5 Philadelphia Eagles whose stocks are down heading into Week 3

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Stocks are trending down for the Philadelphia Eagles heading into Week 3.

I think it goes without saying, but the Philadelphia Eagles have not been playing very good as of late. They self-imploded versus a very below average Washington team in Week 1, and then got the brakes beat off them at home against the LA Rams in Week 2.

It was back-to-back ugly performances, and there’s plenty of blame to be tossed around at a handful of individuals. Sure, Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson may be at the forefront of that blame, but football is a 53-man sport. It’s never truly just one or two people’s fault when a team is losing as bad as the Eagles have been.

The Philadelphia Eagles will get a “bounce-back” type of game here in Week 3, as they take on last year’s worst performing team in the Cincinnati Bengals. They did add Joe Burrow via the draft, and he looks pretty solid, but the Bengals are still a bottom feeder compared to the rest of the NFL.

(That didn’t stop the lowly Washington Football Team from whooping up on the Eagles however).

Heading into the team’s third game of the season, stocks are obviously trending down in the NovaCare center, and there are five players who are falling the hardest. We’re going to stick to physical players during part one of this two part “stocks up, stocks down” series, as criticizing guys like Howie Roseman and Jim Schwartz deserves an entire separate article.

With that said, here are the five Philadelphia Eagles whose stocks are falling the hardest heading into the team’s game against the Bengals:

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