Philadelphia Eagles: It’s okay Will Parks grew up a Cowboys fan

Wait, Will Parks wasn’t always a Philadelphia Eagles fan?

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Will Parks back in March, it felt too good to be true.

You’re telling me the team secured a versatile safety, who turned down far more lucrative deals to play for his hometown team mere hours after Malcolm Jenkins’ option was declined? My goodness, Parks wouldn’t be more Philly if he was named Rocky Mills and was born in the back of an Amoroso’s delivery truck.

But as these things so often go, things maybe aren’t what they seem. No, if recent Twitter activities are to be believed, Parks may have actually grown up a… Cowboys fan.

*gasp* oh no.

As a Twitter user named Jake pointed out in the comments section of a recent Parks tweet, the Eagle’s tweeting his affection for the Cowboys occurred at least 11 times from December 2013 and July 2014 – 18 months before he was drafted by the Denver Broncos 219th overall. Parks called the Cowboys “his Cowboys” multiple times, heaped praise on Tony Romo, and subsequently complained about Tony Romo, declaring “If my Cowboys had Tom Brady we woulda been on top of the game for the last 4 years straight lol”. Check them out here if you dare.

But here’s the thing: It really doesn’t matter.

I know, I know, call me a fake fan all you want, but it’s pretty unrealistic to expect an entire locker room of players from all over the country, with different interests, and different upbringings to somehow be lifetime fans of the team that selected them at random in the NFL Draft. Is it a bit unusual to see a player like Parks grow up so close to the Eagles only to root for a team like the Cowboys? A bit, but no more so than Corey Clements’ childhood preference for Dallas.

There’s a reason why most college football players avoid talking about their favorite professional teams openly on social media: They don’t want to get a hard time from their future fans, let alone employers.

And hey, people change. Maybe sometime between 2014 and today Parks underwent a local reinvigoration, cast away his past follies, and finally embraced the football team of his native city? Maybe spending four years with Jon Elway’s Denver Broncos made Parks appreciate just how good he had it in Philly and he went out of his way to avoid getting stuck on an underwhelming team for the prime of his career?

I mean Parks already owned an Eagles helmet before signing with the club, so clearly his commitment to the midnight green is real.

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Ultimately, if Will Parks can step onto the field in Week 1 and seamlessly take over for Malcolm Jenkins as the Philadelphia Eagles’ do-it-all hybrid slot corner/box safety/dime linebacker, does it really matter who he rooted for as a 20-year-old half a decade ago? If anything, he should be lauded for having a change of heart, as opposed to chastised for his past errors in judgment.

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