Philadelphia Eagles: Why would anyone watch “All or Nothing”?

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On the new season of the Amazon Prime series “All or Nothing,” fans are given an inside look at the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles. But why should we care?

Admittedly, I do not have Amazon Prime currently. Yes, I’m the dummy who is actually paying for shipping right now.

But even if I did pony up for the service, I know that I wouldn’t spend any time watching All or Nothing, which chronicles the 2019 season of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I know that many people gobble up this kind of content, but I really have to shake my head at that kind of thing. If you’re one of the people who’s watching it, does that make you a bigger and better Eagles/football fan than me if you live and breathe it 24/7/365? Maybe, but even radical fandom has to have its limits.

There is absolutely no reason for even an ardent Eagles fan to spend any time on this.

Our friends over at The Athletic did a handy, multi-part recap of the whole season. I skipped forward and only read the second half, sort of like the way the Eagles skipped the first half of the season on the field. I read the insights. There seem to be a couple funny moments in there, and a few enlightening behind-the-scenes glimpses. But it doesn’t move the needle.

Maybe that’s enough to sate a rabid fan and tide them over until offseason workouts, the NFL Draft, and other, similarly overhyped elements of the NFL.

But how about taking a step back and delving into basketball and hockey since they’re, you know, actually happening right now? Spring training is about to start, too. There is no shortage of sports to satisfy you. Take in some XFL if you must, although you should probably stop by the evaluation tent if you’re seriously thinking about that.

The bottom line is that the story of the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles is over. Maybe this show can add a few mildly interesting elements, but do you think that the NFL would let anything really juicy come out of it? Shows like this are just another way for them to tend their flock.

I’ve also never watched HBO’s Hard Knocks. I think it’s pointless. But I can understand to an extent why someone would watch it, as it takes you through in almost real time and gets you pumped for the upcoming season. Nobody needs a video yearbook of a season, even an up-and-down one, that’s over and done with.

Maybe I would actually watch Hard Knocks if the Eagles were ever featured, but you have to believe that they won’t be for a while after appearing on All or Nothing. Until then, do you think I care about watching how things are going in camp for the Houston Texans? Pass.

I guess it comes down to being an Eagles fan versus being an overall football fan when it comes to things like All or Nothing. To each their own, but I don’t think it’s a smart use of time to watch it. We can all debate if it’s a smart use of time to write about why you shouldn’t watch it either, but I digress.

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Not to ruin it for you, but the answer ended up being “nothing” for the 2019 Eagles. They came far short of “all.” The story is written, and they were dead the whole time.