Good riddance to the Philadelphia Eagles’ injury tent

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More than the the locker room, the endzone or any place else in the stadium, this year the Philadelphia Eagles spent most of their time in the league-mandated pop-up injury tent on the sideline.

I will miss the tenacity that the Philadelphia Eagles showed this season. I will miss the feeling of anticipation that I got as the weekend drew near and the next game was close at hand. I’ll miss a lot of other things about watching my football team until they take the field again.

But you know what I won’t miss one bit? That freaking blue medical tent.

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I realize that the tent is probably here to stay in the NFL and that injuries happen no matter what but, good God, enough already. I haven’t seen this many damaged human beings entering a collapsible structure since New Yorkers attended games at Old Yankee Stadium.

But I digress.

The point is, I’m glad to not have to deal with this anymore. I’d prefer the Eagles to still be playing, of course, but at least I won’t have this aggravation in my life for a while.

Things reached a high point of ridiculousness during the team’s regular season finale against the New York Giants. Brandon Graham, seeking evaluation for an injury, had to go right to the locker room since he couldn’t even get into the tent because it was already being used.

But well before that, this unwelcome sight had become all too common during an Eagles season that can rightly be described as being completely ruined by injuries.

I’m really shooting the messenger here by describing my hatred of a 14×6.5×7 vinyl and metal structure that’s meant to be a helpful medical tool, but I’d be more than happy to throw it in a dumpster and set fire to it myself.

I’ll be seeing the blue monstrosity in my dreams as a reminder of just how much it stole from the Philadelphia Eagles this season. It chipped away at the entire team, player by player, like some kind of horror movie villain until at last it claimed Carson Wentz.

Wentz was supposed to be the “final girl” here. It wasn’t meant to be this way. But the tent had other ideas.

I’m frankly surprised it didn’t grow larger and larger all season until it filled the entire Eagles’ sideline, engorged by the life force of the players it had taken. I’m even expecting to see it oozing out of Phoenixville’s Colonial Theatre sometime soon.

There will be no Eagles football for several months. But at least the tent won’t be lurking in the shadows. Its unwelcome sight will not be missed. And let’s hope that we never see another promising season go down the tubes like this one did.

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I’m just relieved to be free of that beast and its cruel inTENTions.

Sorry, I had to.