Philadelphia Eagles: Injuries eventually did the team in at the end

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The Philadelphia Eagles did everything they could to win against the Seattle Seahawks but the injuries that mounted were too much to overcome.

For the Philadelphia Eagles overcoming injuries has become part of this team’s identity. In 2017 Nick Foles was the hero that was able to take the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win.

Then in 2018 Carson Wentz went down again and Nick Foles was able to lead them to a playoff win. This year injuries mounted and piled up but they were still able to overcome them.

They brought players in from the practice squad at key skill positions and they were still able to win games with the might of Carson Wentz carrying them through game after game.

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Philadelphia had to play the Seattle Seahawks which was a team that came in 1-3 in their final four games. The Eagles looked to have the momentum.

Then in the first quarter, Wentz went down with a head injury and he was sidelined for the third season in a row. With Josh McCown in his place, the team was only able to muster up three field goals and lost 17-9.

While it is not time to completely abandon ship the Eagles have to look at the facts. For three years in a row, injuries have changed the course of the season.

There is no way to fix injuries but what the Eagles can do is put the best 53 man roster together by the beginning of next season. The slot receiver spot is a position to look at.

Philly needs a receiver in the slot that can catch passes in the middle of the field to open up more plays for the tight ends. Nelson Agholor has been dropping passes and that has ended drives. That will be a position to look at next season.

In house may be the way to go and give former practice squad receiver Greg Ward a shot at the position. Ward has been proven to be a chain mover and a reliable pass catcher.

At the quarterback position, Nate Sudfeld will have to show that he is ready to step into the position behind Wentz. Sudfeld has been behind the scenes and learning the past couple of years and he will have to show he is able to guide this team to victory.

Wentz will get injured as he has the past three straight seasons and it is proven that when there is a capable backup behind him that the Eagles can still get the job done.

Defensive back is a position that has been the Achilles heel of the Eagles for as long as memory permits. They will have to do whatever they can to bring in a star cornerback to this team. Chris Harris Jr. is an option in free agency.

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Football is a nasty contact sport and injuries will happen. What the Eagles can do is evaluate their roster and put the best 53 man lineup together at the beginning of the season so when an injury does happen the next man will be ready to step in and lead them to another Super Bowl victory.