Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz completes greatest season by Eagles QB

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Based on statistics and circumstances, there can be no argument that Carson Wentz just had the single greatest regular season ever by a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

Admit it. You weren’t fully aware that Carson Wentz was within spitting distance of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ single-season passing yardage record. And you didn’t even consider the fact that he had a chance to become the first Eagles QB to ever pass for 4,000 yards in a season.

Well, I’m proud to say that I was on this for a while. And I was happy to see Carson cash in on the opportunity to climb into the top spot on the franchise list, all while the rest of the team crumbled around him.

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Wentz’s near-MVP season of 2017 was undoubtedly headed towards being the greatest performance by a quarterback in Eagles history. But he sported a healthy stable of weapons all year long during that campaign and then went down with an injury which led to him missing the last three games. As such, his raw numbers were held down.

This year, however, Wentz played in the full complement of games, and the team needed every single one of his team record 388 completions and his team record 4,039 passing yards.

For a young man who was facing intense scrutiny all year as the fanbase was seemingly souring on him, it was a fantastic achievement. Compounded by the fact that he was systematically stripped of nearly all of his most reliable targets, 2019 stands as a testament to Wentz’s abilities.

It sure wasn’t pretty a lot of the time, but he delivered. Wentz also undoubtedly “raised the play of those around him“, which critics always point to as a key factor for success. The doubters can now take a seat.

While Wentz’s 27 touchdown passes this year only tied him for sixth place in Eagles history for a single season, it should be noted that his seven interceptions were tied for the fewest thrown in any of the top-25 passing yardage seasons in team history. In fact, Wentz now has three such 7-INT seasons in his four years in the NFL.

The point is, injuries dictated that Wentz had little room for error this year. And even though there were missed targets and dropped balls, he did an excellent job of not turning the ball over through the air and shortening the field for opponents.

So with all due respect to Donovan McNabb‘s 2004 season where he went 13-2 on a loaded team, Nick Foles‘ “27 and 2” in 2013 and Wentz’s own 2017, this year marked the greatest single-season performance by an Eagles passer.

That doesn’t mean it was perfect, and it’s not necessarily an indicator of playoff success, but Carson Wentz became everything that the Eagles needed in 2019. The stats back it up. The “eye test” backs it up. And the NFC East title affirms it as well.

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