Philadelphia Eagles: Beat Dallas for DeSean Jackson

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Need some extra stakes for Dallas week? If the Philadelphia Eagles make the playoffs, they could reactivate DeSean Jackson for the divisional round.

For better or worse, the Philadelphia Eagles‘ entire season rides on the results of their Week 16 bout against the Dallas Cowboys.

If they win, they get in (to the playoffs) but if the Birds’ recent woes rear their ugly head once more in a 4:25 bout against ‘America’s Team’, the fanbase will be forced to its collective eyes to the draft and away from a Dallas playoff berth.

But if you want to look ahead just a little bit, a horrible idea if the Eagles’ trap game loss to the Miami Dolphins is of any indication, there may be some additional incentive to get into the playoffs.

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You see, some recent tape of DeSean Jackson working out made its way onto social media (via his own Instagram), and needless to say, fans in the 215 could not contain their excitement. D Jax looked quick, fast, and speedy despite having just had successful abdominal surgery not two months ago.

And if the Eagles can somehow make it to the second round of the playoffs, he’ll be eligible to return to the active roster.

Granted, this is a whole lot easier said than done, as the fourth seed Eagles would in all likelihood have to face off against a team like the San Francisco 49ers or the Seattle Seahawks, but gosh, could you even imagine seeing Jackson suit up in midnight green one more time this season?

In a way, nothing has been more cruel than watching Jackson play one dare I say perfect game only to tease fans for the next eight weeks.

Why wouldn’t fans want to see if the 33-year-old burner still has some hot on his chicken?

Now is DeSean Jackson’s return enough to jumpstart the Eagles offense and return the passing game to its former glory? Yes, yes it is.

Say what you will about the validity of that statement – if it’s legit or wishful thinking – but one can’t argue that Jackson added a verticality to the Eagles offense that they haven’t had during the Doug Pederson-era. For as corny as it sounds, no player, not Torrey Smith, Shelton Gibson, or even our old friend Mack Hollins has been able to fill Jackson’s shoes since he was unceremoniously ousted back in 2014.

If the Eagles can find a way to beat Dallas, beat the New York Giants, and then perform a miracle in the Wild Card round, Jackson may earn a wonderful coda to his career – even if the 33-year-old still has plenty of good football left to play.

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So the Philadelphia Eagles, if you are reading this, please beat the Dallas Cowboys. Not only will it give me more to write about, which is obviously nice, but it could provide fans with one more chance to see what this season could have been had DeSean Jackson never suffered a core injury in Week 2. That hope would be swell around the holidays.